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Basics About Traditional German Folk Dances and Music

Today I’ll be talking about the basics of traditional German Folk Music and Dances. 

List of traditional German Dances and Folk Music you should Enjoy 


This fantastic dance is highly famous in a place called Bavaria. The translation of this dance doesn’t have a single thing to do with the dance moves at all. Zwiefacher means double or twice the times. One might want to guess that it could have to do with the dance’s rhythm or melody. It does not mean looking at the dance alternates between a three quarter and a two to four meter. Some speculate that the name has things to do with the dance between two different dancers dancing closely together. This was a sporadic affair at the time this dance started in Germany. 

Expressionist Dance

The expressionist dance started becoming highly famous in Germany during the Weimar time. Various Wigmen like Mary Wigman pioneered this movement. She and Laban Von Rudolf. Both of them completely understood the experience obtained metaphysically. Wigman also was a Laban student. She also transformed their ideas into human experiences that existed. She also performed the Witches dance and also the dance of Death. These were popular dances around this time. Wigman went around the United States of America and marked expressionists on this her German Dances. It also influenced modern Dances in the United States. Also, as a result of the fact that this movement was also linked to Germany, this movement and all of its dancers had to go to exile at the end of the thirties. Then they all became illegal and were seen as people who were against the nation. 

My thoughts on Traditional German Folk Dances and Music 

Believe me when I tell you that I enjoy listening, talking about and watching folk Dances from other countries. These Dances are exciting and fun to watch. I also like watching them because it is entirely different from the dancing styles I am used to. Then I love folk Dances. Everyone wants folk dances because it is two people who are professionals in dancing art. Then they throw each other up in the air and then down like magic—so much fun to watch and so much fun to see in action. 

For people that want to know more about the basics of traditional German Folk Dances and how they are done, there are a million pieces on the internet that would explain more of these Dances to you. As for me, I like dancing. Of course. Later, I could go online and check out some of these German Folk Dances and try them out with my baby brother when I get home. I am sure it is going to be nothing but unique and extremely fun. It would be best if you tried the same too with anyone around you. You would have so much fun all your worries from the past would remain in the past.