3 Best Music Delivery Services on the Web

If you’re like me, the thought of having to go anywhere — let alone spend time in traffic or find parking — is enough to make your blood boil. For most people, driving somewhere just so you can purchase music isn’t even worth it. But fortunately for us, there are companies that want our business and they’ve made shopping for music online about as easy as it can get.

Three of the best music delivery services are the Magnolia Record Club, CD Baby Pro, and online radio. Here’s a closer look at these companies and why they’re worth your time:

1. Magnolia Record Club

The mission behind Magnolia is simple: offer “great music on vinyl you can’t find anywhere else.” They accomplish this by working with great artists and having their albums on vinyl (like Brandi Carlile vinyl, for instance). It’s a win-win for Magnolia, the artist, and you.

2. CD Baby Pro

CD Baby Pro is a music distribution service that makes it easy for unsigned musicians to sell their music online. Musicians can choose how much to charge for each song and CD Baby takes care of the rest. For example, if a musician decides to sell an album on iTunes, they’ll have it up within minutes. In addition, CD Baby Pro offers musicians detailed analytics about how many times their songs are downloaded.

3. Online Radio

If you like listening to music but don’t necessarily own it, online radio is perfect for you. Like regular radio, all you do is simply tune in and enjoy the music — no commercials or unnecessary chatter. You can skip as many songs as you want and don’t have to worry about buying a single CD — it’s all free. As for what to listen to, most online radio services offer a wide range of genres from rock to reggae.

If you’re looking for the best music delivery service available, go with any of the options listed above. In addition to being convenient and easy to use, these companies offer the best music available on the web today.